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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Irish clean tech firm breaks into US market

Gerry Butler, chief executive of Air Synergy
Gerry Butler, chief executive of Air Synergy
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Air Synergy, an Irish clean tech firm, has successfully broken into the US market with the installation of 'intelligent smart poles' in New York and Chicago.

The smart pole, which has been patented by the company, is a hybrid pole that uses wind and solar power to charge itself off-grid.

The result is reduced costs of electricity and installation, with no more trenching or laying down cables to power lights.

Their partnership with ARIS Wind has enabled Air Synergy to break into the market.

Commenting on the company’s announcement, Air Synergy’s CEO, Gerry Butler, said that the move represented a "major boost" for the company in an important growth market.

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"Our sales in the US have gone extremely well. The data has demonstrated our technology has been very effective and we have just received an order for a further 90 intelligent smart poles.

We are globally ambitious and we have full confidence that our technology is the best in the world in the cleantech sector," Mr Butler said.

So far the company has installed the smart poles in the Breezy Point Municipality, New York, Washington Irving Intermediate School, New York, Dobbs Ferry High School, New York and Chicago Institute of Technology.

In Breezy Point, Air Synergy’s intelligent smart pole product is making use of the strong ocean winds, turning them into renewable energy. The smart pole is recording data about its efficacy as well as air pollutants to help the community in its mission to become more 'green'.

At Washington Irving Intermediate School an Air Synergy intelligent smart pole is now lighting the sporting fields for both security and athletic events.

The nearby windy Hudson River and daytime light provide ample renewables to power the smart pole, which has a built-in battery large enough to store five days worth of electricity for continuous use.

The surrounding community has plans to develop a 'microgrid' to protect against power outages in the case of severe storms, and the smart pole plays an important role in lighting the local school, a statement from Air Synergy said.

"We have great feedback from the school principal, who says that the smart pole is helping her students understand green technology, and the teachers are even including the smart pole as a study in their curriculum. This technology was developed in Ireland and we look forward to seeing it grow around the globe," Mr Butler said.

Closer to home the company has renewable energy units installed across various locations in Ireland, most recently at the Lidl store in Drogheda, and also as a monitoring application for a site for JJ Rhatigan in Donabate.

In addition the company has installations in the Braunschweig, Lower Saxony and Heinsgerg North, Rhine Westphalia, in Germany.

Air Synergy is currently involved in a funding round undertaken by Focus Consulting.

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