Thursday 19 September 2019

Irish and Belgian team to deliver Ireland’s first commercial scale offshore wind farm

Oriel Founder Brian Britton and Parkwind co-CEO François Van Leeuw
Oriel Founder Brian Britton and Parkwind co-CEO François Van Leeuw
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Offshore wind farm developer Parkwind has agreed a significant investment to become a strategic partner in the Oriel Wind Farm – the 330 MW offshore wind project proposed for the North Irish Sea.

Oriel Wind Farm is the front runner of Ireland’s offshore wind projects and this partnership strengthens its ambition to become the first of a new generation of offshore wind farms in operation, a statement from the company said.

Belgian-based Parkwind has already developed, constructed and now operates three offshore wind farms located in the Belgian concessions zone in the North Sea.

Aside from its international ambitions Parkwind also aims to build the Northwester 2 project, a 224 MW offshore wind farm in the Belgian territorial waters, in 2020.

Together with the 330 MW of the Oriel Wind Farm, Parkwind plans to have more than 1000MW of offshore wind production capacity operating by 2020, substantially contributing to the 20/20 European targets of sustainable energy.

"We believe that Parkwind can bring in the necessary knowledge and pioneering spirit to bring this project to a successful end," Brian Britton, founder of Oriel Wind Farm said.

While Parkwind co-CEO François Van Leeuw described the challenge and opportunity of realising the first offshore wind farm in Ireland as matching perfectly with its entrepreneurial and solution driven company culture,

"Parkwind has a firm ambition to grow internationally.

After the successful development and construction of 550MW in the North Sea, we were able to shift our focus quickly to evolve from an experienced but strictly Belgian to an international player in the offshore wind industry," Mr Van Leeuw said.

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