Monday 23 October 2017

Ireland's Rich List - in the Sunday Independent

Sunday Independent publishes its first Irish Rich List 2010

In Ireland’s definitive Rich List, the Sunday Independent documents the 300 wealthiest people in Ireland and their associated fortunes. It details the big winners of 2009, who they are, what they’re worth and how they reached the top.

The Sunday Independent Rich List also details the losers of 2009 who saw their fortunes hit when Ireland’s booming economy bottomed.

During one of the most tumultuous economic climates the country has witnessed in decades, many of Ireland’s business tycoons saw their wealth diminish as billions of euro disappeared into a black hole of debt.

The Sunday Independent Rich List also lifts the lid on the fortunes of the top celebrities, sports stars and socialites and where they spend their money.

Additional features include political donors, the 10 richest Northsiders and the 10 richest women in Ireland.

Commenting on the first Rich List published by the Sunday Independent, Nick Webb, Deputy Business Editor, said:

“The Sunday Independent Rich List is aptly timed given the boom to bust Ireland has witnessed in recent years. The last year alone has seen an unprecedented destruction of wealth and few have been spared completely.

"Taking property alone, the value of land in Ireland has fallen drastically in the past two years, with the value of development land in some cases down 95%. Residential, commercial and retail properties have seen values fall by up to 50%.

"Property aside, the Sunday Independent Rich List shows that we have an unprecedented number of Irish billionaires and multi-millionaires who made their wealth in other countries.

"Significant fortunes have been amassed by smart entrepreneurs in technology, retail, high finance, aviation and renewable energy.”

The Sunday Independent Rich List 2010 provides a snapshot of the impact on Ireland’s leading business figures of one of the most tumultuous economic periods Ireland has ever witnessed.

Pick up Ireland’s Rich List 2010 – only in this week’s Sunday Independent.

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