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Inside diary of Finance boss

JOHN Moran, the secretary general of the Department of Finance, is a terribly busy man. He has hardly an hour to himself, it would seem, during the working day. And boy, does he have to be up and about early some days.

The Department of Finance has published Mr Moran's diary for January, giving a fascinating insight into how the country's most powerful civil servant spends his day at the office.

On some days, he's at it very early. A few entries have him reading emails and correspondence from about 7.30am.

The Punt wonders whether he does this from the comfort of his kitchen table with a cup of Earl Grey and his pyjamas still on, or from his desk in Upper Merrion Street.

He's held meetings with the minister, discussed mortgage arrears, met bankers from Citi and spent an evening with solicitors McCann Fitzgerald.

He's also met the 'Financial Times' and spoken with Reuters – he must like the international press.

He's spoken at several events, including an IDA training day and Irish REIT conference, and had a management away day.

And one night he dealt with paperwork at home for three hours until 11pm. Phew.

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