Wednesday 24 April 2019

Innovators have future worked out on a Matrix

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Mcor Technologies Ltd

MCOR Technologies Ltd was established in 2004 by brothers Dr Conor MacCormack and Fintan MacCormack. The company recently launched the Mcor Matrix; the only 3D printer in the world that can use A4 paper to create 3D objects. This technology breakthrough significantly reduces the costs involved in 3D printing. The Mcor Matrix is up to 50 times less expensive than competitors' technologies and was recently described as the "world's most sustainable 3D printer" by industry experts at Mcor's launch event in the UK.

The Mcor Matrix prints physical 3D models from digital data using A4 paper, water based adhesive and a tungsten carbide blade. Models have the appearance of a wood-carving and are "tough, durable and eco-friendly". The final models can be treated to give them a smooth, shiny finish and make them more durable. The Mcor Matrix is currently installed in several universities in Ireland and the UK, and the company has received sales enquiries from Dyson, Nintendo, IBM, Stanford and Cambridge.

Mcor won the 2008 Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn Emerging International Award. The company is currently seeking investment to expand operations and facilitate roll-out of its product. Turnover for the coming year is expected to be between €1.5 and €2m.

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