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'Independent' still leads way as nation's favourite

THE Irish Independent remained Ireland's most popular daily newspaper in the first half of the year, with an average circulation of 134,228 copies.

The latest figures were revealed in Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) data published yesterday, which charts the resilience of Ireland's newspaper market against the economic crisis.

Circulation across the 'morning quality market' of broadsheet dailies came in at 291,965 a day, spread across the Irish titles and UK papers, including the 'Guardian', 'The Times' and the 'Daily Telegraph'.

The figure was down a modest 6.24pc year-on-year.

The second biggest circulation in the market went to 'The Irish Times', with 100,951 a day, followed by the 'Examiner' with 43,391. The smallest title was the 'London Independent', which slipped below the 1,000 mark to record an average daily circulation of 960.


In the 'mid' daily market, total circulation came in at 54,032 copies, up about 1.2pc year-on-year, led by the 'Daily Mail' at 51,072 copies and also featuring the 'Daily Express' with 2,960.

Meanwhile, the circulation of 'popular'/tabloid dailies fell some 4.52pc in the half year, to come in at a total of 230,157 across 'The Star', 'The Sun', the 'Daily Mirror' and the 'Daily Record'.

In the 'evening' market, the 'Evening Herald' remained the dominant force with circulation of 61,936, against the 'Evening Echo' at 20,011. The overall market was down 8.89pc at 81,947.

The Sunday 'quality' market saw circulation slip less than 3pc over the period, leaving it with 425,818 copies every week. The 'Sunday Independent' remains more than twice the size of its biggest rival, with 255,806 copies compared to 'The Sunday Times' at 110,692.

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Sunday market

The 'Sunday Business Post' recorded a circulation of 47,849 in the first measurement period since the 'Sunday Tribune' ceased production.

In the Sunday 'popular' market, total circulation came in at 450,453, down some 11.68pc year-on-year.

Almost half of the fall is linked to the discontinuation of the 'Irish Daily Star Sunday', which accounted for some 25,766 of the 59,585 fall across the category.

Meanwhile, the Sunday 'mid' market, which includes the 'Mail on Sunday' and the 'Sunday Express', saw circulation rise marginally to 117,237.

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