Saturday 23 November 2019

Independent Digital launch new video management solution

Every section across has its own topic specific video channel. Photo: Thinkstock
Every section across has its own topic specific video channel. Photo: Thinkstock

The rapid growth in video penetration online is well documented and the demand for more and more targeted video is expected to continue to grow from both online readers and advertisers in 2011.

Independent Digital is embracing this trend and is launching a ‘best in class’ Online Video Management System (VMS) for users, and expects this sector of display advertising within the market to grow significantly.

Loyal users on will benefit from this new technology with a “video carousel” on the home page of the site that presents the latest video to users in a fast moving and engaging fashion.

In addition a list of ‘most viewed’ and ‘most emailed’ videos are presented to users by section. To further enhance the experience for our users we will be rolling out a video sharing facility so that our users can quickly and easily share video with their favourite social networking site.

In addition to a dedicated video channel on every section across has its own topic specific video channel where current news stories are enhanced by accompanying video which can be viewed by a user which greatly enhances the users experience on the website.

A unique feature to is that the new Video Management System uses technology that allows videos to be played and viewed across our mobile, iPhone, iPad apps and products.

“Making sure we delivered a really great video solution on all platforms especially iPhone and iPad was a key goal for us” commented Ian Byrne, CEO, Independent Digital.

“At the moment a lot of the mass market video solutions simply do not work on the Apple platform which is a big disappointment for readers and advertisers.”

In addition to delivering an excellent experience for users and advertisers, this innovation now enables the Independent Digital Sales team to offer advertisers/brand managers the ability to target their video advertising campaign by audience profile (e.g. female audience researching home insurance renewal), to particular content sections across (e.g. Business) or to a particular video player, in a wide variety of pre-mid and post roll advertisements.

In another first to market for Independent Digital new video advertising formats including Text Ads, MPU’s and Leaderboards will be offered to advertisers.

The video advertising solution complies with the latest IAB Video Advertising standards (VAST) just released from the UK.

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