Friday 15 November 2019

In brief: Directory enquiries calls

The number of calls to 11850 directory enquiries seeking contacts for sales training is up 114 per cent in the year, adding evidence to our other entrepreneurship indicator that the spirit of enterprise is alive and well in Ireland! However, emigration is very much a growing characteristic of the nation, with relocation queries bumping up 140 per cent.

10-year Irish bond yield

The bond yield rose from 10.242 per cent to 10.567 per cent this week, representing a worrying increase of 3.1 per cent, despite EU Commissioner Olli Rehn backing a cut in the interest rate of the bailout package. This interrupts the trend of a falling yield over the past few weeks.

Latte sales

Lattes, cappuchinos and other takeaway coffees are a strong indicator of whether the consumer is prepared to spend a bit of money. Overall coffee sales at Bobby Kerr's Insomnia were up 4 per cent on the same week last year. Coffee sales are affected by the weather, so the launch of the ICEd range of nippy coffees should herald better weather.


Rising mortgage costs and hefty energy costs were the main drivers in the inflation figures hitting 3.2 per cent last month. While rising inflation erodes our massive debt, when it's coupled with falling or stagnant growth we get the rather unpleasant condition known as "stagflation". This is bad.

Online shopping

Export sales of pressies at Lulu O'Sullivan's online shopping site jumped 80 per cent compared with last year, sales at her new site will indicate the strength of the export market too..

Fuel prices

Oil prices have crashed this month, falling 20 per cent, but no one has told the petrol stations. Petrol and diesel prices remained absolutely flat this week at €1.529 and €1.469 per litre respectively.

Google searches for 'restaurants'

The number of searches for "restaurants" in our three main cities fell again this week to 9,570. However, this week the Rebels are opting to stay in compared with their counterparts in the capital. The numbers for Dublin and Galway were exactly the same as last week.

Stock of properties for sale on

The stock of properties increased this week by 0.4 per cent, for the most part attributed to the larger homes from two to five bedrooms, underlining the ever present overhang of stock in the market.

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