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Ikea seeks early expansion in Dublin after 'excellent trading'

Swedish retail giant Ikea is seeking permission to expand the size of its Dublin outlet in Ballymun by 10pc due to what it says is the "excellent public response and trading patterns" since the store opened in summer 2009.

The 3,000sqm plus extension will boost the overall size of the outlet to over 33,800sqm and will increase storage rather than showroom space at the store.

Ikea said that a customer survey undertaken last year found that 29pc of return visits to its store were by customers collecting goods that hadn't been in stock on their initial visit. Ikea, which employs 500 people at Ballymun, maintains that the new warehouse extension will reduce traffic levels to and from the outlet by eliminating many of the return journeys.

"By increasing warehouse space, more products can be stored on the premises and will therefore be available for immediate collection," note planning documents. "Ikea is also mindful to uphold the store's reputation and not to overtrade by relying on customers returning to the store due to unavailable stock," they add.

The company is also planning to reward customers who travel to the store on public transport with a free beverage. It revealed that the peak use of its car park was between 2pm and 3pm on Sunday, February 21, when there were 1,550 cars on the premises.

Fingal County Council has recently sought additional information from Ikea on the proposed extension. Ikea expects construction to take nine months, with 40 people employed in the building project.

Irish Independent