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Iceland's expansion plan targets 70 stores



Ron Metcalfe MD of Iceland  Picture: David Conachy.

Ron Metcalfe MD of Iceland Picture: David Conachy.

Ron Metcalfe MD of Iceland Picture: David Conachy.

British grocery retailer Iceland plans expansion throughout Ireland that will see it at least double its presence in the Irish market.

The retailer - known for its frozen food but which also has a growing line of fresh produce - has plans to have between 50 and 70 stores here in total over the next five years.

The company returned to the Irish market in 2013 and has since developed its ambitious expansion plan that it says could eventually see it have outlets throughout the country.

"We look everywhere," said the head of Iceland in Ireland, Ron Metcalfe.

"We want a store in every town. The areas where we are actively looking more than most are where we haven't actually got any coverage and around Meath, up the east coast from south Dublin right up to Dundalk, and then, after that, probably the west coast around Sligo.

"Those are the areas we are actively looking at, but ultimately the plan is to have national coverage."

"Our goal is to get to between 50 and 70 stores in the Republic of Ireland," he says.

The retailer has just opened new stores in Nenagh and Wexford and is planning a further five next year, with plans to accelerate the growth after that.

"What slows us down is getting sites or property in the right location to put in the right size store for an area," he said.

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