Wednesday 13 November 2019

IBEC urges Government to tackle unemployment

IBEC, the group that represents Irish business, today called on government to take radical and decisive steps to tackle unemployment and boost confidence.

In a submission to the Government in advance of its upcoming 'jobs initiative', the group called for major reform of state employment services and the welfare system, and a new drive to get graduates and the unemployed into work.

Among it keys recommendations, the IBEC submission calls for:

> A new national graduate internship programme and a work placement programme for the unemployed

> Major reform of state employment services and the social welfare system to ensure they are fully integrated and work together to get people back to work

> New third-level courses to help move those with construction-related skills into new areas of employment

> A major overhaul of the wage rules that set minimum terms and conditions in many sectors of the economy

> A new and substantial loan guarantee scheme for SMEs

> No further reduction of the public capital investment programme and a renewed focus on public private partnerships (PPPs)

IBEC Director General Danny McCoy said: "We desperately need a new approach to job creation. We have been in crisis-management mode for far too long; now is the time to take positive steps to get the economy back on track.

"Business will provide the job opportunities that the country so desperately needs, but Government must ensure the conditions are right. The new cabinet must put jobs and economic renewal at the very top of its agenda.

"Every government department needs to play its part in getting people back to work and restoring our economic fortunes.

"The country has been through a period of immense economic turmoil and tough choices remain. We need to unite behind a shared vision that puts jobs first.

"This must focus on reducing costs, improving competitiveness and ensuring that we continue to restore balance to the public finances."

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