Monday 11 December 2017

'I would have been much stronger in how I used my time - time is a very scarce resource'

You must invest in people, insists Enda McNulty
You must invest in people, insists Enda McNulty

Enda McNulty

'From the get-go, you need to be massively passionate about what you do; if, that is, you are massively passionate about what you do. My advice is to stop, think, and ultimately find an endeavour, a career, a job, a company that inspires you to tap-dance to work. Passion is the fuel that drives you forward; it drives your motivational stamina.

"One of the most important lessons I've learned since setting up Motiv8 Performance Excellence ten years ago, is that building a team of great people is critical. It sounds obvious. However, it took me a long time to realise just how much time and effort it takes to identify, recruit, engage, train, and retain great people. I would strongly advise all business owners and business leaders to be relentless about the quality of people you bring into your team.

"After ten years of soul-searching, workshopping and collaboration, of many failures, many mistakes, many defeats in business, we have developed a cultural compass. This is probably the most important development we have made in last 12 months.

"We refer to our cultural compass in every meeting to guide us to the right decision. We consider it when hiring, when letting someone go, and when developing our team. In essence, our compass directs our behaviours, our actions and our work. It helps us remind ourselves every day that culture will eat our strategy for breakfast, and it allows us to recognise that our culture is our biggest differentiator.

"If I could take myself back to the beginning in Motiv8, I would have been much stronger in how I used my time. It took me too long to realise that time is a very scarce resource. I tend to give a huge amount of time to my clients. I love coaching and training clients and team members. The problem comes when I have not spent enough time 'thinking slowly' about strategy; about innovative products and services, about innovating how we can transform our clients' lives. I have learned to stop working 'in' the business 100pc of the time and to start working 'on' the business 30pc of the time.

"You need to ensure you invest in your own training and development as much as you invest in your services or product. You need to develop your thinking, to upgrade your management capabilities, to significantly accelerate your business acumen. If you're not investing in yourself, you're not ultimately investing in your business long-term."

Enda McNulty, chief executive, Motiv8

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