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Tuesday 24 October 2017

HP workers will strike to protect jobs if bank contract goes abroad

Joe Brennan

HEWLETT Packard staff that provide IT services to Bank of Ireland are considering taking industrial action to protect their jobs as the contract has been put out to tender.

In a preliminary ballot, 200 members of finance union IBOA indicated they would be prepared to strike to preserve their terms and conditions of employment.

"When Bank of Ireland recently put the contract out to tender, HP naturally bid to continue as the service provider.

"However, we understand that at least two other companies have also entered the picture," said union general secretary Larry Broderick.

"Our understanding is that the tenders from these companies are based on exporting the work overseas to low-wage facilities where the employees will be paid considerably less than their Irish counterparts."

Many of the staff working on the contract in HP previously worked with Bank of Ireland, before the work was outsourced in 2003 as part of a highly-contentious €600m deal.

"As well as outlining our concerns to senior management in both HP and Bank of Ireland, IBOA has also written to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Batt O'Keeffe to seek an urgent meeting on this issue in the hope that an acceptable solution can be achieved through negotiation rather than conflict," Mr Broderick said.

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