Thursday 21 November 2019

Health... Concerns about mental health in companies

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Management in one in 10 companies are concerned about the mental health of a colleague, a survey by Aware has found.

The research also found that concern about the mental health of colleagues is more prevalent among management of larger companies and those working in the public sector.

Business owners say employees are far more likely to open up about work related, financial or physical health issues than mental health with only 18pc of companies being approached about a personal mental health issue.

Dominic Layden, chief executive of Aware, said mental health is a key issue in the work place.

"There can be a real fear about how best to tackle the issue and Aware wants companies to understand that prioritising wellness at work has benefits for all," Mr Layden said.

Aware said that it runs a series of Wellness@Work education and training programmes for employees and managers and which are now available nationwide.

"Our programmes help to create an open and supportive atmosphere which encourages colleagues to deal with issues before they spiral," Mr Layden added.

"They encourage people to ask for help, and provide confidence for managers who are tasked with managing a situation."

"All of this ultimately helps to tackle absenteeism, presenteeism and low morale which affect project delivery and productivity."

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