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'Hardest day in retail history' - shops and pharmacies to change layouts and formalise restrictions


Stock photo: PA

Stock photo: PA


Stock photo: PA

Pharmacy and food shops will change their layouts in the coming days and formalise restrictions on the numbers of people who can be in shops at a given time, according to industry body Retail Excellence Ireland.

It will follow what is described as the “hardest day in retail history” with thousands of shops taking the drastic step of pulling down their shutters temporarily.

The expected changes are aimed at minimising personal contact, not based on any restrictions of supplies.

“Over the coming days essential retail will change. There will be significant layout reformatting of pharmacies and food stores. These stores will have very clear guidelines regarding the number of customers in store, where you must stand, how you must pay. Please respect this guidance,” David Fitzsimons of Retail Excellence said in a note to retailers.

He said the trade body has been collating health and safety protocols from elsewhere in Europe and sharing that information with Government.

“We will need to prepare for a new way of shopping for essential items. This new way will keep us all safe and healthy.

In an upbeat end to the message, he said retailers will host a party after the crisis to “celebrate how we got through it together.”

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