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Grand Prix 2010 finalists announced


In 2009 Independent Digital launched a new digital advertising award, the first of its kind in Ireland.

The new award - 'The Independent Digital Grand Prix Awards' was designed to recognise brand/marketing managers and the creativity and effectiveness of their digital campaigns.

Each quarter, six campaigns which ran on the Independent Digital network were shortlisted.

Industry peers then voted in their numbers for their favourite campaign on www.idworks.ie with the campaign receiving the highest amount of votes from each quarter going through to the Grand Final.

The awards featured the online creative and background information on the advertising campaigns shortlisted. The campaigns were shortlisted from thousands of campaigns that ran on Independent.ie throughout 2010.

Independent Grand Prix Final 2010

Quarter 1 winner: SuperValu

Quarter 2 winner: The Base balls - Warner Music

Quarter 3 winner: Triton Showers

Quarter 4 winner: Powers Whiskey

Which campaign will win?

You can have your say by voting for your favourite campaign of 2010 at www.idworks.ie