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Grafton to give some local names the elbow



Grafton’s Gavin Slark. Photo: El Keegan

Grafton’s Gavin Slark. Photo: El Keegan

Grafton’s Gavin Slark. Photo: El Keegan

Woodie's owner Grafton Group is to cull some well-known local DIY and hardware brand names in a continuing push to boost online sales, but will retain some others, it has revealed.

Among those destined to go are Heitons, bought by Grafton in 2004, and Barretts of Ballinasloe.

But some other local brands will survive the cull, Grafton chief financial officer David Arnold told the Irish Independent.

Those that do disappear will be renamed under Grafton's Chadwick merchanting brand.

"It's a tough one, because they are a strong local brand," said Mr Arnold of Barretts. "But also, Chadwicks is a very strong brand.

"Particularly in a digital world, if you have a preponderance of different brands, it makes it very difficult to help your customers."

"It will all become Chadwicks," added Mr Arnold.

In Ireland, Grafton also owns businesses including Davies in Dublin, Cork Builders Providers, and Telfords in Portlaoise.

"Those three big important independent brands, they'll remain because they have a particularly strong offering, but Heitons ultimately will be subsumed under that Chadwicks banner," said Mr Arnold.

Grafton chief executive Gavin Slark said last week the group is working "very hard" to get the Chadwicks brand established and that "single, strong branding is really important".

He also said that online sales at Woodie's here continue to grow rapidly off a small base, having expanded 50pc for each of the last four years. Later this year, he expects online revenue for the brand to be the equivalent of one physical Woodie's store.

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