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Government introduces incentives of up to €150,000 for people who bring jobs to Ireland

THE Government has introduced a new incentive offering people up to €150,000 if they bring sustainable jobs to Ireland.

The €150,000 maximum payment applies when 100 jobs or more are created while €4,500 is available if three people are employed.

The scheme is loosely based on systems in other countries like Israel and the money will be payable over two years; the first half after one year and the rest after 24 months provided the jobs have been sustained.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said it would incentivise people around the world, including Ireland's diaspora, to help deliver new jobs and investment.

ConnectIreland.com has been appointed by IDA Ireland to oversee the scheme.

The company's chief executive Terry Clune said it is asking people to use their contacts to make connections with companies oversees that were expanding internationally.