Goodman’s Blackrock Health partners with US hospital group

The deal with Larry Goodman's hospitals group is the first such partnership in EU for the Cleveland Clinic

From left is Bryan Harty, chair of Blackrock Health, Caroline Whelan, group CEO of Blackrock Health, and Curtis Rimmerman, chair of international operations at Cleveland Clinic

Samantha McCaughren Business Editor

Larry Goodman’s Blackrock Health and the prestigious US hospital group Cleveland Clinic have entered into a new partnership agreement.

Under the agreement the Irish hospital group will have access to Cleveland Clinic’s expertise in clinical and operational excellence, patient safety, quality and employee engagement.

This is the first time that the highly ranked US medical group has formed such a relationship with a hospital in the EU. Billionaire Goodman formally consolidated his private hospital assets under a new umbrella, Blackrock Health, in March.

The business brings the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, the Galway Clinic, Hermitage and Limerick Clinics into one group with Dr Caroline Whelan appointed as CEO.

Blackrock Health’s consultants will now be able to discuss issues with specialists at Cleveland Clinic on complex patient cases as part of the relationship.

They will also have access to Cleveland Clinic’s clinical education and professional development programmes, as will nursing and health care professionals.

A team of clinical and operational leaders from Cleveland Clinic has recently visited the Blackrock, Galway and Hermitage Clinics to engage with senior management, clinicians and staff from all parts of the hospitals.

Blackrock Health hospitals cared for some 225,000 patients last year.

As part of the collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, patients will have access to detailed health information on their condition and treatment options prepared by Cleveland Clinic experts.

Whelan said: “Blackrock Health and Cleveland Clinic are founded on the shared principle of putting patients first. That goal forms the foundation of our partnership to sustain our delivery of world-class clinical care across all of our clinics.”

Cleveland has hospitals in London, Abu Dhabi and in Toronto.