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Sunday 8 December 2019

Good news for sponsors as excitement builds here in the run-up to Euro 2012

Bring on the Euros, say fans

THERE'S good news for sponsors looking for a piece of the Euro 2012 pie this week. A quarter of the population can now name at least one sponsor of the tournament -- a surprisingly high figure, considering that the event is still a month away.

New research from Onside Sponsorship shows that one in four people knows a sponsor while 60pc of those surveyed now say they are at least "interested" in the tournament.

Some 59pc of all Irish adults will be following the action in Poland and Ukraine -- the equivalent of some 1.9m fans -- with 38pc claiming high levels of interest, according to Onside.

Its managing director John Trainor said that the following was particularly weighted to certain sections of the population.

He explained: "Some three out of four males are looking forward to the games in June."

New campaign for surveyors

THE Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) has launched a new consumer-awareness campaign to get the public to ensure that the agent they use for the sale or rental of their home is a chartered surveyor.

Incoming SCSI president Roland O'Connell said: "Our members know that consumers expect the highest professional standards, which is what they get from chartered surveyors."

"Check they're chartered" will be the key message of the campaign in the print media, on radio and online.

Kilmeaden Cheese returns to TV

KILMEADEN Cheddar has launched a new TV campaign to further solidify its position as Ireland's top "branded block cheddar".

Themed "A cut above the rest", it uses two adverts that focus on the care, craft and expertise that goes into every block of Kilmeaden, making it "the fillet of cheddar".

Eithne O'Hara, product group manager at Glanbia Consumer Foods said: "We are the only brand to consistently talk about our graders, our heritage and the efforts that go into ensuring only the best cheddar goes into Kilmeaden."

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