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Friday 22 November 2019

Global Rep Trak: Dublin’s reputation as place to do business takes hit

Peter Flanagan

DUBLIN’S international reputation slid again last year, making the capital now the 30th most reputable city in the world.

The annual Global Rep Trak survey of the world’s major cities saw Dublin slide six places on the global index from 24th.

Vancouver came out on top, followed by Vienna and Sydney. Copenhagen came fourth.

London, which had been the top ranked city in 2011, plunged to 13th.

Corporate Reputations managing director Niamh Boyle, whose firm helped compile the figures said: “A strong city reputation is vitally important - it helps to attract tourists, business, foreign direct investment and foreign knowledge – both workers and students.

“There is a growing awareness among policy makers of the importance of cities in the 21st century with some commentators predicting that cities will overtake states in becoming the centres of governance on which future development will be based.

“Dublin has maintained its overall scorings in the poll but has slipped dramatically in the rankings,” she added.

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