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Thursday 19 September 2019

Gardaí launch in-depth investigation into elaborate bank scam

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Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Gardaí are investigating an elaborate scam that may affect bank customers.

AIB are warning the public to be aware, as gardaí confirmed today that they have launched an in-depth investigation into two separate illegal scams.

One of the scams involves a person purporting to be a bank official.

According to the bank, the person will say that they are part of a "crime agency, Europol or Interpol, advising you that your broadband has been compromised, your identity has been stolen and your computer is being used for criminal purposes."

They continued; "They will ask you to assist them by making payments that they claim they will track to identify criminals. 

"The callers may advise you not to disclose this information to law enforcement or bank staff."

They are also warning customers of a second scam that involves someone purporting to be a caller from a telephone company, broadband provider or software company.

In this case, the bank warned, the scammer will "offer to fix your computer or Broadband problems."

"The callers will attempt to trick you into giving them your banking or card credentials and provide codes from your Card Reader, in order to access your online banking and make fraudulent payments," a spokesperson said.

"You may be asked to allow the caller to take remote control of your PC in order to 'assist' you; however this could allow the fraudster to show you fraudulent screens."

The bank advised customers to never reveal any bank details over the phone unless they are fully sure who it is they are talking to.

"The callers are professional and will be able to transfer you to their supervisor should you request this. They sound genuine," they continued.

"Never disclose codes from your AIB Card Reader over the phone. Never disclose the full five digits of your Personal Access Code (PAC)."

The bank appealed that any customers who have received any unusual calls relating to these scams or otherwise, to contact them immediately.

Gardaí told; "A dedicated multi-disciplinary investigation team being led by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau and drawn from a number of National Units and Divisions.

"The Criminal Assets Bureau, the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau and the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau have all been established to investigate groups who are carrying out and facilitating criminal activity on a large scale. 

"Assistance is also provided by the Revenue Commissioners."

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