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Gamma to open Manchester office, sees post-Brexit opportunities in UK


Feargal O’Neill, CEO, Gamma

Feargal O’Neill, CEO, Gamma

Feargal O’Neill, CEO, Gamma

Data mapping firm Gamma plans to double its workforce and sales by opening a UK office in Manchester, a lower-cost option than its long-time Dublin base.

Chief executive Feargal O'Neill told the Irish Independent he's not put off by Brexit disruption and wants his company well positioned in Britain's vastly bigger market before Brexit becomes reality.

"Brexit has instilled indecision and lack of confidence in many clients. Once we have clarity, all that will change," he said.

The company currently employs 17 at its office near Christ Church, Dublin, but Mr O'Neill plans to employ 15 more, with five to eight new hires for the Manchester base opening in mid-2020.

Gamma has two core cloud-based products: Perilfinder and Storecast. The first - used by seven of Ireland's top 10 insurers - allows underwriters to profile a property's risk to flood, fire, subsidence and crime.

The second allows retailers to pinpoint locations for new outlets and more efficient ways to entice customers into existing stores.

Gamma posted €2m turnover last year. Mr O'Neill expects that to rise to €5m by 2022 as the firm seeks deals with around 15 UK retailers and insurers.

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