Wednesday 22 January 2020

Former DJ has an ear for music to make people buy


If you've ever walked into a shop or restaurant only to be driven right back out by blaring heavy metal or annoying humdrum music, you're exactly the type of person that Eoin Long, managing director of LKM Music & Media, is trying to reach.

Long, who is 32 and from Templeogue in Dublin, provides in-store music systems for shops, restaurants, pubs and beauty salons.

A disc jockey for over a decade, Long set up LKM after spotting a gap in the market. "Music can increase the chances of someone going into a store -- or not," he said.

"Businesses were, and still are, using outdated technology playing poor music -- at best. We supply music systems that allow businesses to put music on that's relevant to their customers."

Long designs his music systems so that the music played at a particular time of day reflects the trading pattern at that time.

"For many businesses, lunchtime on a Tuesday is a very different trading time to a Friday evening," said Long.

"When people go into a shop, restaurant or pub, their pattern of thinking changes as the day goes by."

Although his business is only nine months old, Long is already providing music systems for the Grafton Lounge in Dublin, Japanese restaurant Yamamori, and Dylan McGrath's Rustic Stone eaterie. "We have some very exciting new clients coming on board over the next few months," said Long.

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