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Food and pharma a 'concern' as job adverts fall 13pc

EMPLOYMENT in the food and pharmaceutical sector is becoming a "real concern" after the volume of jobs advertised online slipped another 13pc in the three months to September, according to recruitment website Irishjobs.ie.

The latest data means the volume of online ads for food and pharma jobs has fallen 35pc since Irishjobs.ie began its employment index in April 2009.

The sector's woes come amid a 26pc rise in the overall number of jobs advertised online since the index began, including a 6pc rise in the most recent quarter.

Irishjobs.ie managing director Jane Lorigan said yesterday that while food and pharma was seen as one of the country's few growth areas, that trend wasn't showing through in the job adverts.

"It's becoming a real concern," she added.

Secretarial and admin jobs were also down in the most recent survey, with the level of jobs in the quarter to September coming in 8pc below the number recorded in the quarter to June.

Crucially, though, jobs in secretarial and admin are up 45pc on their benchmark level from April 2009.

Tourism, travel and airlines also saw a negative trend in the most recent period, with the volume of job adverts slipping by 15pc.

Irishjobs.ie attributed the fall to people choosing to 'staycation' at home, though job adverts for Ireland's hotel and catering sector rose just 11pc, despite the seasonally busier summer.

Across other sectors, jobs in retailing, wholesaling and purchasing led the way with a 26pc rise in adverts in the three months to September, followed by a 21pc rise in ads for production, manufacturing and materials vacancies.

Medical professionals and health care and engineering and utilities also polled strongly, with both sectors recording a 12pc rise in ads for the quarter to September.

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