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Focus on health to boost Glanbia

Glanbia will be boosted this year by an ongoing shift in consumer spending to health and fitness and a renewed focus on healthier foods and supplements, according to Davy's John O'Reilly.

In a note to clients yesterday, Mr O'Reilly said that while Glanbia would retain a leading role in the traditional dairy sector heading towards 2015 and the removal of EU milk quotas, the real growth would be in the nutritionals sector, where Glanbia was fast moving into a market leading role.

"(The big question) is how successfully it can compete in the consumer marketplace with the majors in the emerging and ever-expanding nutritionals market.

"The role of nutrition in health looks set to become more important, and milk ingredients will play a key part here," Mr O'Reilly said.

"For Glanbia Nutritionals and its premix activity -- but more especially its consumer-facing branded supplements activity -- the opportunity is greater again if its science, applications technology and marketing capability can continuously extend its nutrition horizon," he added.Glanbia has been rising steadily in recent days, but closed down 2.8pc at €4.85.

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