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Firm to offer 'high-risk' life cover

PEOPLE who are unable to get life insurance because they have an existing condition such as heart disease or obesity have been given a new option.

A new company has emerged that is prepared to take on "high risk" customers.

Specialist high-risk insurance company Pulse, which is a Lloyd's coverholder, has begun to offer cover of up to €2.2m, according to John Geraghty of LABrokers.ie.

The broker explained that thousands of consumers find it difficult or even impossible to get life assurance because they have medical problems like depression, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, weight problems, high blood pressure, HIV, MS, or have had a stroke.

Others who do dangerous jobs or engage in a dangerous sport such as motor racing or mountaineering find it hard to insure their lives.

Pulse will cover up to €2.2m, with a maximum term of 10 years, up to the age of 90.

Mr Geraghty said: "We can't get cover for everyone. A person suffering from HIV when combined with Hepatitis B, C or haemophillia will not get cover.

"Those with Alzheimer's, autism and Huntington's disease and people in the armed forces are not covered by Pulse," he added.

Irish Independent