Monday 23 October 2017

FF gives wide berth to play

Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

JOAN Burton and President Michael D Higgins may have attended – but so far Fianna Fail politicians seem cool on the idea of watching a play based on the bank guarantee.

The playwright behind 'Guaranteed' revealed his delight that the elite of the country had taken up invitations to attend his show.

Irish Independent theatre critic Colin Murphy said all elected representatives in the locations where the play was being performed were invited to attend.

However, to date, not one Fianna Fail politician has attended.

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton attended the play this week and took part in a panel debate with the audience.

Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan has also attended – and 'kept schtum' for the debate, although he was appointed after the guarantee.

President Michael D Higgins was in the audience for last night's performance and a number of TDs will attend over the coming days.

These include Fine Gael's Brian Hayes, Stephen Donnelly, an Independent, and Labour's Eamonn Maloney.

They will take part in panel debates alongside former IMF official Donal Donovan and leading British economic commentator David Marsh.

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