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Exporters target vital Asian links

THE Irish Exporters' Association's Asia Trade Forum (ATF) has launched a new plan to promote trade between Irish companies and Asia.

The 2012 Trade Promotional Plan for Asia aims to help Irish firms get more business in the east. It hopes to encourage chief executives here to expand their businesses into at least one Asian market during 2012.

Under the plan, the ATF will hold a series of seminars and events to help exporters access what it called "vast and growing markets". The plan prioritises five markets for growth: China, India, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.

ATF chairman Colin Lawlor said: "China has become a significant investor in overseas markets, with investments totalling $220bn (€167bn) between 2006 and 2010 but Ireland has missed out on all but some small investments."

The ATF website is at www.asiatradeforum.org.

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