Friday 19 July 2019

Explainer: What is Voxpro's back story? And what exactly does the tech firm do?

Voxpro founders Linda and Dan Kiely
Voxpro founders Linda and Dan Kiely
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Voxpro has announced it intends to recruit of up to 400 new people at its Cork-based site, expansion that would bring its Irish workforce to more than 3,000.

But what is tech firm's back story, and what exactly does it do?


Founded in Cork in 2002, the call-centre technology firm was set up by Dan and Linda Kiely.

The husband-and-wife management team owned the company outright and opened a Dublin office in the Dockands area in 2016.

Voxpro now has call centres in Cork, Dublin, Bucharest, Manila and in the US cities of Athens and Folsom.

In recent years, the company has become Ireland's largest international call centre opera tor for technical and sales support.

It has built up expertise in high-end support for some of the world's biggest tech companies.

What does it do again?

Voxpro provides high-end call-centre operations for fast-growing tech companies, offering multilingual product support, technical support and specialist services in safety, risk, analytics and social media management for client firms.

The company has landed contracts with Silicon Valley up-and-comers, including the €60m-funded stock-trading app Robinhood.

It also boasts global giants such as Google and Airbnb on its client list.


Last year, the company was bought by the Canadian call centre giant Telus International for an undisclosed acquisition price (an estimated €150m).

At the time of the announcement, Mr Kiely was expected to stay on in an undisclosed management role under Telus International chief executive Jeffrey Puritt.

Shortly before the sale, Mr Kiely had a plan to float his tech outsourcing company as soon as it made €100m in annual revenue.

After the acquisition, the Cork-based firm was renamed as 'Voxpro - powered by Telus International'.

The company that acquired Voxpro has 28,000 employees worldwide and is a subsidiary of Telus, the Canadian telecoms firm which has almost €10bn in annual revenue.

Haven't I heard of Dan Kiely elsewhere ?

Voxpro founder Dan Kiely invested €200,000 into Irish startup Abodoo at the beginning of the year.

The Wexford-based tech firm promotes remote working and is co-founded by Vanessa Tierney.

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