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Executives more optimistic about their career prospects

MORE than 70pc of Irish executives believe their career prospects have improved in the past three years and would now seriously consider changing positions, a new survey has shown.

The latest report from Amarach Research on behalf of MERC Partners suggests that optimism is slowly returning to the management sector.

Some 71pc of those surveyed said their career prospects in the past year had either improved or stayed the same, with those in the technology and professional services sectors the most positive in their outlook. Unsurprisingly, those in construction/engineering and the public sector were the most pessimistic about their futures.

The study also found that 72pc of executives would consider moving to another organisation, while 59pc would move internally.

MERC's Ciaran Duff said: "This survey takes the pulse of a key group in Irish business and society and participants showed an appetite for change and indeed risk.

"The results of the survey are positive and a strong statement of confidence amongst Irish senior executives. It is also clear that the majority of executives remain focused on developing their careers and are open to changing roles in the year to come," he added.

Irish Independent