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ESB buys nicotine patches for staff

THE ESB, which paid its former boss Padraig McManus (above) over three times Taoiseach Enda Kenny's salary last year, splashed out on 370 nicotine patches for its cosseted public sector staff in 2011.

The semi-state company also spent €105,000 on "expenses" for its board members.

The State energy company, which has some of the highest electricity prices in the country, spent €11,483 on "entertainment" for its board members, as well as €19,608 on "conferences". A further €44,922 was spent on travel expenses and €3,536 on "subscriptions".

Ex-boss McManus earned €675,000 in 2011 before retiring -- a rise of €146,000 on 2010.

Last year, the energy regulator said 315,000 ESB customers had problems affording electricity bills.

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