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Saturday 21 September 2019

Ergo: Swords boom continues as Vanguard plans new hospital

KeepAppy co-founders Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims have welcomed new investment
KeepAppy co-founders Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims have welcomed new investment

It is all action out in Swords these days ahead of the building of the long-awaited new metro to the north Dublin town.

But it is health rather than transport that is the hot topic there right now, with a proposal for an eight-storey day hospital at the Airside retail campus.

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Vanguard Health Services International is planning to build the new hospital on a site that sits right between a new Tesco and the Ryanair headquarters, which itself is currently being extended.

Fingal County Council confirmed last week that it had finally received the full planning application for the project.

The plans provide for an outpatient and diagnostics department, GP departments and an urgent care department on the ground floor, a primary care unit, an endoscopy unit and a day hospital with 40 beds, as well as a sky garden on the sixth floor.

Former minister for health James Reilly has been a prominent supporter of the plan to bring the new hospital to the site in the town, which has a catchment of 150,000 people living within 20 minutes.

The backers, which include former NHS senior manager Audrey McDonnell, believe the new hospital - which will cater for both public and private patients - can help to ease the pressure on the big northside accident and emergency units at the Beaumont and Mater hospitals. The new site - presuming that it gets the go-ahead from planners - will also cater for patients seeking planned procedures in areas such as urology, ophthalmology and orthopaedic services.

Kick-started: Investors back Irish firm's wellness app

The daily routine can really act as a grind sometimes, and your own personal wellness is often something left on the long finger.

Ergo notes that an Irish company, which has received the backing of the public to the tune of €30,000, has launched an app aimed at tackling the everyday stresses people face.

KeepAppy is a wellness toolkit that has 10 separate functions, including journalling, goal-setting and period-tracking.

Established by co-founders Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims, the app attracted 228 backers who stumped up €30,201, almost €3,000 more than originally sought from investors on Kickstarter.

Carton said: "It's a strictly confidential platform where users can journal their moods and gain access to a host of other services that can improve their mental state of mind in a matter of minutes."

  • Housing often tops the debate around which cities are the most liveable, and it is frequently followed by the quality of public transport. But a new piece of research by accommodation site Nestpick looks at different draws that the world's cities have to offer.

From connectivity services like 5G to high-profile concerts and the right to protest, Nestpick has ranked the world's best cities for those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s. Dublin came in at 39th, while London, Stockholm and Los Angeles topped the rankings.

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