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Saturday 20 April 2019

Entrepreneur Rowan Devereux appointed Chair of HBAN’s Bloom Equity angel syndicate

Rowan Devereux appointed Chair of HBAN’s Bloom Equity angel syndicate. Photo Credit: Rowan Devereux
Rowan Devereux appointed Chair of HBAN’s Bloom Equity angel syndicate. Photo Credit: Rowan Devereux
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Rowan Devereux has been appointed to the Chair of the Bloom Equity angel syndicate at Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN).

Well-known entrepreneur, the founder and managing director of Roznat Investments, Rowan succeeds Anthony Bermingham in the new role.

Mr Devereux is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Blue Insurances, which created Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance, Gadget Insurance and Car Hire Excess Insurance among other brands.

"Under the chairmanship of my predecessor, Anthony Bermingham, the syndicate has been a prolific investor in high potential start-ups, particularly in the tech space, over the last six years," he said.

"Anthony has been the lead angel in several Bloom Equity deals which included investments into Bentel, iCabbi and Effective Software among others.

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Mr Devereux said he aims to recruit new angels, "increasing the number of high calibre, serial investors we have by 25pc" and work with HBAN in selecting high potential start-ups to present at monthly syndicate meetings.

"I believe that Ireland is the world leader when it comes to innovation. The multi-national companies located here in the tech and pharma sectors particularly, have created a fertile ecosystem for people with the skills, experience and knowledge to set up innovative and exciting companies. This means that there is a consistent supply of great companies pitching at our monthly pitching sessions," he said.

A former EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (2011), Mr Devereux has a broad investment portfolio which includes online marketplaces in the Middle East, facilities management software in Australia and a UK-based Global Equine Network.

HBAN national director John Phelan said that "Rowan has significant experience in angel investing; this along with his motivation and keen business acumen will be an asset to Bloom Equity".

"One of our key aims for the next four years is to increase the number of active angel investors that we have in our network by 20pc per year, and the HBAN syndicates are a vital element to realise this growth. I look forward to working with Rowan to achieve this."

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