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Saturday 14 December 2019

Enterprise's legal troubles

A US legal spat involving Enterprise Ireland continues to rumble on. Last year, a former senior employee with the state agency in its Boston office, Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, sued Enterprise Ireland claiming that it discriminates against American workers. "Enterprise Ireland offers Irish citizens working in America opportunities for permanent employment and, at times, relocation to Ireland or elsewhere, while refusing the same opportunities to its American employees," she alleged in her complaint.

She worked with Enterprise Ireland for six years in Boston. She has also alleged that Enterprise Ireland failed to deduct appropriate payroll taxes from her pay, resulting in her incurring costs associated with hiring tax specialists to help put her affairs in order.

Enterprise Ireland has filed a motion to have the claims that it withheld taxes dismissed and also recently filed a response to Ms Kaliouby's complaint with the US court, denying her other allegations.

"Defendant Enterprise Ireland requests that the Court enter judgment in its favour and against Plaintiff, together with costs, attorney's fees, and such other relief that this Court deems just and equitable," the agency's lawyers add in the reply.

This will go on and on.

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