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Enda backed by business elite

Enda Kenny has been given the backing of the country's business elite, with 42 per cent of chief executives at Ireland's top companies who responded to our survey saying they believed the Fine Gael leader is the person to lead Ireland out of the crisis.

A tiny proportion of business leaders polled, just 17 per cent, said that the new Taoiseach isn't the person for the job, with 41 per cent as yet unsure whether or not Enda is Ireland's Mayo Messiah.

Those polled had a less optimistic view of the coalition's prospects of stamping out cronyism in Irish public life.

Despite government assurances that politicians will no longer fill state quangos with the party faithful, 44 per cent of business leaders believe that the coalition won't be able to change the culture of political appointments to public bodies.

Perhaps most surprisingly, given recent election results, 27 per cent of Irish chief executives have said that they would consider voting for Fianna Fail again, despite the party's disastrous record on economic management.

The vast majority of Irish business leaders, 45 per cent, said that they were unsure whether or not they would vote for Fianna Fail again.

Twenty-eight per cent of those who responded were adamant that they would not.

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