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Duvets and hot stew in demand

SALES of duvets rocketed by 200 per cent at Tesco Ireland's 119 stores this week and as the mercury drops below zero, gas and electricity usage are spiking to record levels.

Boots, scarves, hat and glove sales rose by 80 per cent, with de-icer fluid sales rising by 60 per cent during the past week, a Tesco spokesman said.

Consumers are also turning to hot porridge, Ready Brek and warm tasty stews in a bid to stave off the cold, with sales of stewing steak and mince, hot cereals and porridge up by as much as 18 per cent.

And motorists involved in bumps and shunts have been ordering lots of replacement parts, said Mark Leech, marketing director for internet retailer MicksGarage.ie

Sunday Independent