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Dublin startup Noa adds the New York Times and The Economist to its audio platform


Gareth Hickey and Shane Ennis

Gareth Hickey and Shane Ennis

Gareth Hickey and Shane Ennis

Dublin startup News Over Audio (Noa) has added the New York Times and The Economist to its platform as it continues to expand its partnerships across the globe.

The DIT Grangegorman-based firm, which aims to become "the Spotify of Journalism", has added to its growing list of clients which already include publishing giants such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg and Business Insider.

An early mover into the realm of audio-journalism, The Economist began narrating its entire weekly print edition back in July 2007.

The UK-based newspaper will be supply a number of articles each week to Noa, who will focus on a mix of long-form and topical pieces.

Noa's editors will also select and narrate a number of NYT articles daily, but the paper's infamous Od-Eds will not be included at this stage.

Co-founder of the audio platform Gareth Hickey said that launching with The Economist and The New York Times is "a big milestone for Noa".

"It has always been our objective to build a comprehensive offering for listeners which is home to some of the best quality stories published each day – the kind you may otherwise struggle to find the time to read.

"With each publisher addition, we offer our listeners more and more value with wider coverage. It takes a lot of time to build publisher relationships – the level of trust required is extremely high.

"Having a platform which offers an array of well-argued viewpoints – from pro-Trump to anti-Trump, to pick a polarised example – is healthy for society and much needed. We’re not quite there yet, but that’s definitely the direction that we’re headed with Noa."

Founded in July 2015 by Shane Ennis and Mr Hickey, Noa has raised €500k in seed capital since May of this year, and plans to raise a further €300k before the end of the year.

The company's ambition is to expand its current publisher line up total from 8 to 12 before the end of 2018, as its team of 12 full time staff is about to grow to 15. Noa also has an additional seven narrators spread across the US, UK and Ireland.

In terms of international expansion, Noa intends to launch a German language offering before March 2019.

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