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Dublin conference setting a draw for venture capitalists



SaaStock founder Alex Theuma hails spirt of the capital

SaaStock founder Alex Theuma hails spirt of the capital

SaaStock founder Alex Theuma hails spirt of the capital

Some 400 venture capitalists and investors will be beating a path to the RDS, Dublin this October to attend the annual SaaStock conference.

Alex Theuma, the London-based founder of SaaStock, said the Dublin event has grown from 700 attendees in its inaugural year of 2016 to 4,000 this year.

"The first one was in Dublin and it's always been in Dublin and will remain in Dublin for the foreseeable future," he said. "The obvious choice would have been London because logistically for me its closer. But I'm not always one for going with convention."

For Theuma, London was too expensive and the RDS was much more affordable. He also felt that conferences got lost in the scale of London, while in Dublin conferences "kind of take over the city".

"You bump into people in the park, you see them at the conference and then you see them at dinner, they'll be in the pub, there is a real spirit to that," he said.

Theuma added that being based in Dublin helped make SaaStock an international conference - giving people from all over the world who want to visit Ireland the opportunity to do so.

This year, a number of smaller conferences will happen around the world, with the Dublin event remaining the flagship conference.

Theuma explained that software as a service (Saas) relates to software that is delivered through cloud computing rather a physical CD - typically a subscription model. "All software now is pretty much Saas, so it's pretty much interchangeable," he said.

Attendees will hear speakers from Stripe, SalesLoft and Intercom address the conference.

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