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Digital bytes popular plate for breakfast





IRISH commuters are breakfasting on "digital bytes" with more than 80pc of people using their smartphone or tablet on their way in to work.

Reading the news, checking out social-media sites, playing games and catching up on emails emerged as the most popular activities to relieve a boring bus or train journey.

However, patchy wifi and dodgy mobile connections are the major frustrations thwarting the online ambitions of commuters.

According to new research into consumer trends by Sky Ireland, our digital consumption now peaks highest on the daily commute and while relaxing at home.

During their commute, 81.8pc of people use their smartphone or tablet; 49.4pc will check social-media sites up to three times; while 51pc read the news online. A further 46.5pc play games while 44.2pc catch up on emails.

Comreg figures show that the laptop is still the main "digital dinner plate" – but with ownership of tablets and smartphones set to reach 2.38 million by the end of the year, Sky predicts that we are now set to consume online content in a more "a la carte way".

Irish Independent