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Diaceutics data could aid efforts to treat Covid-19


Peter Keeling, Diaceutics CEO

Peter Keeling, Diaceutics CEO

Peter Keeling, Diaceutics CEO

Analytics firm Diaceutics says its global database on labs and patients could help to identify at-risk groups from Covid-19 and speed tests for prescriptions of future approved treatments.

The Belfast firm, which reported full-year results yesterday following a 2019 flotation, works with drug makers and labs worldwide to connect treatments more quickly with patients.

It has 2,500 labs and 227 million patients in its database.

Diaceutics CEO Peter Keeling said staff were identifying labs and patients exposed to drugs that manipulate inflammation-regulating proteins within the body. Developing new drugs to help these proteins to respond correctly to the Covid-19 virus is a key area of current research.

"As drug companies turn to us and say, 'we're going to launch this drug, so how do we make sure we get testing to the right sites?' we want the answers ready," he said.

Diaceutics works with 36 pharmaceutical firms, many of which are trying to "crack the code" of coronavirus.

"This virus is spreading with unprecedented speed. Diagnostic testing and labs are rising to the challenge as fast as they can. I'm not sure there's anything we could have done faster," Mr Keeling said. "Yet this crisis does illustrate, for the everyday person, that there is a shortage of testing."

Diaceutics speeds the use of approved products that require diagnostics testing to be sold. This means a doctor must receive lab approval before giving a particular patient that product.

Revenues at Diaceutics rose by 30pc to £13.4m (€14.7m) for the year ending in December. Gross profit rose 52pc to £1.3m. The firm employs 128 people in 19 countries, including 20 in Dundalk.

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