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Sunday 26 January 2020

Developer makes €13m HollywooD THRILLER

Nick Webb

AS the market in bricks and mortar turned to dust, Irish property developer Garrett Kelleher picked himself up and reinvented himself -- as a Hollywood movie producer.

Mr Kelleher was one of the producers of the highly rated $13m (€9.85m) crime thriller Rampart, starring Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver and Cynthia Nixon, which opened in cinemas in Ireland recently.

In the gritty thriller, Mr Harrelson plays a renegade cop who works to take care of his family and struggles for his own survival in LA.

Meanwhile, Mr Kelleher told the Sunday Independent last week that "there's a lot of similarities between how real estate is put together and how a film is put together.

"You find an asset -- you could meet someone and they give you a story -- then you develop the script. You attach directors of talent and then you go and see if you can get it financed," he explained.

The businessman, best known for attempts to build the hugely ambitious €1.8bn Chicago Spire, landed some spectacular scores in the boom, including flipping a London office block for a 60 per cent profit.

His Shelbourne property company has some loans in Nama.

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