Monday 23 July 2018

Deliveroo app service 'could create 800 jobs'

Deliveroo is growing in the Irish market. Photo: hadrian - ifeelstock
Deliveroo is growing in the Irish market. Photo: hadrian - ifeelstock
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

Over 800 jobs are expected to be created in the restaurant sector over the next two years as a result of Deliveroo's growth in the Irish market.

An independent report by Capital Economics examining the impact of Deliveroo on the restaurants which partner with the app, its suppliers and the wider economy, has found that Deliveroo's continued growth will add €45m to the Irish economy between now and 2020.

Deliveroo operations will support 3,000 people during that time, comprising growing numbers of Deliveroo riders and Deliveroo staff, as well as jobs in the restaurant industry, approximately 825 of which will be created by April 2020.

In addition, Deliveroo is expected to generate €3.4m in revenue from tax for the Exchequer.

"Deliveroo is proud to be providing a boost to Irish restaurants, helping businesses large and small throughout Ireland to grow," said regional manager for Deliveroo Ireland Liam Cox.

"We look forward to building on this success and helping more restaurants reach new customers with exciting new food."

The app currently works with 500 restaurants across Ireland, and according to the report, they have seen their revenues increase by as much as 30pc in some cases due to increased sales from customers ordering though the app.

The company said it will now make a submission to the European Commission Consultation on Access to Social Protection in order to urge the EU to protect restaurant jobs by not doing anything that will curb the growth of the company.

Deliveroo said that it makes clear in its planned submission that it wants to offer those who choose to ride with the company greater security and protections.

However, it says it wants this to be done in a way that is "compatible with flexible working", ending the trade-off between flexibility and security, which it says currently exists in employment law. Across the European markets in which it currently operates, the company said that it has helped to create 13,000 jobs in partner restaurants and their supply chains, a number that Capital Economics suggests could grow to around 54,000.

Currently all Deliveroo riders are self-employed, and log-on and log-off through an app on their phones.

Should flexible working be restricted, demand for work with Deliveroo will fall as it will become less attractive, the company said.

The figures in the report are based on a combination of internal Deliveroo data, publicly available official statistics and a YouGov survey of partner restaurants conducted in 2017.

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