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Sunday 26 January 2020

Councillors battle Dublin city manager's vision of high rise

Roisin Burke

Dublin city councillors will meet tomorrow to thrash out whether high-rise office blocks will be at the heart of the city's development future.

Heights of over 50 metres (six office storeys) form part of city manager John Tierney's proposals for parts of Dublin city centre in the 'Dublin Draft Development Plan 2011-2017'. Low rise would be redefined as below 25 metres -- a massive 10 metres higher than the current definition.

"This will be the most important meeting of the year," said Labour councillor Emer Costello. "There has been a lot of controversy over height and density, a lot of councillors are unhappy about what is being proposed. The liveliest debates in the chamber are expected." High-rise developments have a place in certain areas, Fine Gael councillor Ray McAdam said.

"I would fully support the idea of high rise in the Docklands, but the possibility of buildings up to 33 metres and 50 metres high in places like Phibsborough is not my idea of proper planning.

"What we need is a development plan that will provide a clear rationale for the height of buildings and the density of development over the coming years."

Of more then 900 motions to amend the plan, more than 350 submitted relate to height and density, Mr McAdam said.

Dublin's 50 councillors will vote throughout the week on the amendments. The plan will then go on public display, but changes can be made only to the amended parts.

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