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Cost savings for over half of businesses using cloud computing

OVER half of Irish organisations that have begun using cloud computing systems claim that they've already generated cost savings as a result, according to a new survey.

This week marks the first Microsoft-sponsored National Cloud Week, which aims to educate businesses about the potential impact of cloud computing.

A survey undertaken on behalf of Microsoft by Amarach Consulting found that nearly one-third of Irish respondents have been able to expand their activities without the need for additional capital investment because they opted for cloud-based solutions.

The survey is part of the inaugural Microsoft/Amarach Cloud Index. It has been developed to track adoption of cloud computing in Irish organisations. It currently stands at 3.2 out of a maximum rating of 10.


It found that 40pc of Irish organisations rate themselves as one, which indicates they have not deployed any cloud computing solutions. It stands at three for public service bodies and four for larger organisations.

Microsoft Ireland managing director Paul Rellis said that while there's increased awareness of cloud computing here, the company wants to help Ireland become a so-called Cloud Centre of Excellence.

"The inaugural index measure of 3.2 shows that there is some way to go in terms of adoption levels, but what is very encouraging is that those who have moved can testify to the tangible benefits," he said.

Launching the index yesterday, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton, said that while progress had been made in the sector, there's still "a long way to go".

Mr Rellis will today attend an Oireachtas briefing. The event will focus on cloud computing in public sector reform.

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