Sunday 18 August 2019

Co-living criticised in bid to win Euro votes: Bartra

Bartra Capital’s Richard Barrett
Bartra Capital’s Richard Barrett

Michael Cogley

Richard Barrett's Bartra Capital has claimed its proposed controversial co-living scheme was criticised by politicians aiming to win seats in the European elections.

The developer submitted plans to build 208 co-living bedrooms at a site on Eblana Avenue in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin.

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Under the current proposals up to 42 residents would share one communal kitchen space. Each resident has a private bedroom with an en-suite and a kitchenette.

The monthly rent on each unit is likely to be over €1,000. The proposal was criticised by politicians and commentators, with some describing it as "Dickensian".

Bartra chief executive Mike Flannery defended the development, saying: "It's important to say that there was a political context to this and that opposition parties used it as an opportunity to try and have a few words with the Government's policy on housing.

"The scheme has been designed with the intent to create as much (social) activity as possible and to ensure that there was activity in the kitchen cooking areas.

"That means that you can't have multitudes of kitchens because, if you did, you wouldn't have the social interaction that people who want to live in these units want," Flannery said.

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