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Coffee and chauffeurs: NTMA bosses enjoy the 'Downton Abbey' life

LET'S hope the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) hasn't let this week's success in the bond market go to its head.

An advertisement for a new NTMA job suggests there could be a 'Downton Abbey' culture developing at the top of the body responsible for overseeing the national debt and NAMA.

The ad is for an assistant facilities officer.

Responsibilities range from providing security at the NTMA front desk, to changing light bulbs and making tea and coffee for meetings -- presumably other peoples'.

You'll need a clean driving license though, because the job includes providing a chauffeur service for senior NTMA executives.

That'll be for those days when the officer class is just too exhausted from tapping the bond markets and fixing the property sector to wait five minutes for a taxi home.

We can only assume the NTMA top brass missed the latest government memos on austerity buried in their overflowing in-trays.

The closing date for applications for this full-time job is January 30.

donal o'donovan

Irish Independent