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Coalition promises 266,000 extra jobs in next five years


Apple chief executive Tim Cook leaving Trinity College in Dublin

Apple chief executive Tim Cook leaving Trinity College in Dublin

Apple chief executive Tim Cook leaving Trinity College in Dublin

The Coalition will today launch a plan aimed at putting more people at work than ever before.

But the plan warns the regions of the countries they will have to work harder to attract both investment and workers.

Quality of life will be a key component in attracting skilled workers and creating employment in the future, the plan confirms.

The ability to move between specialist jobs within the same region will also be vital if areas are to retain workers.

The goal of the new plan is to make Ireland "the best place to succeed in business delivering sustainable employment and higher standards of living for all".

'Enterprise 2025' will be launched by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Tánaiste Joan Burton and Jobs Minister Richard Bruton this afternoon.

Mr Kenny will commit "to keep the recovery going".

The plan aims to add 266,000 extra jobs by 2020, leading to more people at work in Ireland than ever before, resulting in unemployment falling to 6pc.

"Every part of the country is expected to benefit, with unemployment falling to within 1pc of the national average in every region," the Taoiseach says in the report.

The move comes after US tech giant Apple copper-fastened its long-term Irish future by confirming 1,000 new jobs. The firm is set to employ more than 6,000 workers in Dublin, Cork and Galway by 2017.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook stressed the firm's huge Irish operation would not be affected by the European Commission probe into the company's tax affairs.

He confirmed that, in the case of any adverse EU ruling, Apple remained fully committed to Ireland and would support any potential Irish challenge to such a ruling.

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