Tuesday 22 October 2019

Cloud computing reaches tipping point, survey shows

CLOUD computing has reached a "tipping point", according to a new survey of Irish IT resellers.

The survey from industry magazine 'Irish Computer', in association with Let's Operate, found 85pc of IT specialists had customers who have enquired over the last 12 months whether they should be using cloud services. And 87pc expect increased interest and enquiries from customers over the next year.

"Cloud computing has been around for a long time but Irish businesses are now seriously investigating implementation and asking their IT-support companies about it," commented David Owens, managing director of hosted desktop company, Let's Operate, which sponsored the study.

Three-quarters of IT companies say they have a cloud option to offer customers. Over half of IT companies which do not have a cloud option are actively investigating one.

One in five dealers views cloud as a threat to their core business or aren't sure if it is. The main danger cited by almost 60pc of those who view cloud as a threat is that it will cannibalise their existing business.

Irish Independent

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