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Thursday 23 May 2019

Clery's Mary Guiney leaves ?25,400 to say masses

SHANE ROSS THE last will of Mary Guiney, majority owner of Clerys Store in O'Connell Street, makes it clear that the company will stay in the hands of the Guiney family.

Mrs Guiney's will, published last week, allows her trustees complete discretion in the disposal of her shareholding, but it is understood that it will be distributed to three or four members of the Guiney family.

The operation of the Guiney trust, which controls Clerys, is a closely guarded secret but reliable sources have told the Sunday Independent that Clerys will remain under the control of the Guineys.

Nevertheless observers believe that any dilution of the shares could make the firm vulnerable to a predator.

Mrs Guiney's will also leaves ?25,400 for masses to be said for the repose of her soul, to be recited in six different Dublin churches. In a long list of legacies the surprise beneficiary is her lifelong housekeeper/friend, Mary Quigley who receives ?317,000 for "her friendship and her kindness and thoughtfulness over many years".

In addition, her loyal companion receives Mrs Guiney's residence at 12, The Meadows, Raheny valued at ?760,000 and all its furniture and fittings. She is given an extra ?47,000 for a car if Mrs Guiney did not own one at the date of her death. She is also bequeathed all the jewellery and clothing which the controller of Clerys did not give to her in her lifetime.

Mary Quigley additionally shares the residue of the estate with three of Mrs Guiney's nieces. Mrs Guiney had no children.

Other surprises in the will include a ?12,700 gift to Archdeacon Patrick Devine, Parish Priest of St Anthony's, Clontarf, for his own use; her doctor friend Patricia Burgess ?6,250; ?25,400 to Mrs Pearl Walls, widow of former Clerys director Arthur Walls, and various small donations to family members and charitable or religious orders.

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